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    Our rewards program has changed as of 5/1/21. Your purchases wether in store or online now build up on your phone number through our Loyalzoo rewards program. The points can no longer be redeemed for anything. They now just keep adding up to get you to better discounts tiers, until you reach the final one, and then to get you free stuff after that. Below is a detailed step by step description as to how it works.

1.) You get 1 point per dollar spent. Points from online purchases are added to the Loyalzoo account each following Monday after the purchase was made. 

2.) We will alert you a day before one of our quartiles sales events via text message through the Loyalzoo app. The amount of points you have in your account determines the percentage discount you get that weekend. 

3.) If you don't know how many points you have, contact us and we will tell you. THERE IS NO SHARING ACCOUNTS BETWEEN FRIENDS, IF WE CATCH YOU DOING THIS YOUR ACCOUNT WILL BE TERMINATED.

4.) If you'd like to order online during a sales event, we will send you a personalized code to use that'll be at the discount tier you are currently at. The quickest way to do this would be a 1 minute phone call to the store.


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